The first event was inaugurated in October 1982 in Lyngby north of Copenhagen.

The organizing committee then consisted of Henning Lunde, Alm. Brand (Denmark), Martin Arle, Industrial Mutual (Finland), Jan Örmen, Norges Brandkasse (Norge) and Christer Wahlrud, Sirius (Sweden).

The purpose of the event was to gather Nordic cedants and reinsurers to meet and to finish renewal negotiations prior to meeting with the rest of the reinsurance panel in Baden-Baden.

During the -90s the number of reinsurers in the Nordic area (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland) reduced considerably and the number of participants went down accordingly.
After some years the meeting was moved from Lyngby to central Copenhagen where it was arranged at different locations.

After a number of years it was discussed and finally decided to open up the meeting for reinsurance companies outside the Nordic area.

As a result the number of participants increased from around 90 to more than 250 for 2022.
The meetings are currently arranged at Hotel d’Angleterre and there is a joint dinner on the Tuesday evening for all attendees, currently held at Moltkes Palæ.